Personal Injury Lawsuit Timeframe

acceladmin   August 2, 2016   Comments Off on Personal Injury Lawsuit Timeframe

Another common question that I am asked is, “How long is my case going to take?” It really depends on where we’re bringing the lawsuit. From the time we start a lawsuit until the time of the end of the lawsuit, it can take anywhere from two years to five years for the case to be finished. That doesn’t mean that during the course of the case it might be resolved some other way through settlement or through mediation or arbitration.

If the case is going to go to trial all the way, it could be anywhere from two to five years. The reason for this is that some counties are very fast. You may not think two years is fast, but some counties are fast in moving cases through because they are not overburdened with cases like some other jurisdictions are. Other times cases move faster if it’s a case involving one plaintiff and one defendant. The discovery and the process of that case is much faster than it would be if you are involved in a case with multiple defendants or multiple plaintiffs such as in a construction site accident. If you are in a county like Bronx County or Brooklyn, they have very heavy caseloads. They are very populated areas and the cases take quite a while there. It really depends on what type of case you have and where we are able to start the lawsuit for you to get the fastest possible resolution for you.

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