How Much Money Will My Personal Injury Settlement Be?

acceladmin   August 9, 2016   Comments Off on How Much Money Will My Personal Injury Settlement Be?

Almost invariably at either the initial client meeting or one of the first meetings with my client, a question I’ll be asked is, “How much is my case worth?” I understand that you have been involved in an accident, that you have bills piling up, that you’re not feeling well, you’re going through medical treatment, you may need surgery, or you may have had surgery. It is a major impact on your life and you need to have an idea as to what the long-term outcome of your lawsuit will be.

One hundred percent of the time at that meeting I will say, “I can’t give you an idea what your case is worth.” The reason is there are many variables that go into it. It is still early in the process, we don’t know how your recovery will be, we don’t know what additional treatment you’re going to need, and we don’t know how this is going to affect you on a lifelong basis so I can’t give you an idea at that initial meeting what your case is worth. As the case progresses and you go through medical examinations and depositions, I can give you a better idea as to the value of your case from both the settlement purpose and also what to expect if the case were to go to trial. What is important to understand is that every case is different and every person’s injuries may vary in severity, so if you know someone who received a settlement in a case similar to yours, you can’t assume that you will receive the same amount as they did.

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