Supermarket Accidents

New York City Supermarket Accident Lawyer

supermarket-737418_960_720Defending the futures of supermarket accident victims in NYC

Supermarkets and retail stores are riddled with hazards that can cause patrons serious injuries while shopping. We rely on the store owner and staff to monitor the aisles and other common areas and to keep them safe from dangerous and hazardous conditions. We also rely on the stores to be well-designed and safe. Unfortunately, all too often patrons encounter dangerous conditions such as wet floors, tripping hazards, merchandise falling from shelves, improperly designed aisles and display cases, and cracks in sidewalks and parking lots. In order to successfully recover damages for injuries suffered at a store, you must prove that the store was aware or should have been aware of the dangerous condition yet did not remedy the condition. In some instances, you may also need to prove that the store created the dangerous condition. If you meet the burden of proof, you will be entitled to recover damages for your pain and suffering, medical bills and lost earnings. These types of cases can be quite complicated. If you or someone you know has been injured in a store-related accident, you should seek counsel from an experienced New York personal injury attorney. Contact the Law Offices of Jonathan D. Sands for a free consultation.

After a store accident

If you are injured at a store in NYC, you should make sure the incident is reported to the store’s staff. If you are able, you should take photographs of what caused your accident before you leave the store, and you should try to get the names and contact information for any witnesses to your accident and to the condition. Take a look and see if the store has any surveillance cameras that might have captured the area where the accident occurred. These initial steps are important to help document what happened to you. You should seek medical attention for your injuries and be sure to follow the advice of your doctors.

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