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Personal Injury
Do I Have A Case?
How Long Will My Case Take?
How Much Is My Case Worth?
How Much Will It Cost Me To Hire An Attorney?
What Are Independent Medical Examinations
What Are The Two Parts To Every Case?
What Court Do I Sue In?
What Do I Do If I Am Sued?
What Happens At A Deposition?
What Happens At Our Initial Meeting?
What Happens If I Am The Victim Of A Crime In A Building?
What Happens If I Live Out Of State But Was Injured In New York?
What Happens If I Sue A Defendant Who Then Files For Bankruptcy?
What Happens If I Sue Someone Who Then Dies?
What If I Am Injured In An Accident By An Uber Driver?
What Is A Whiplash Injury?
What Should I Know About Injuries Involving An Elevator?
What Should I Know About Social Media Affecting A Lawsuit?
When Will I Get My Settlement Check?
Will My Case Have To Go To Trial?

Auto Accidents
Do I Sue The Insurance Company Or The Other Driver?
How Are Automobile Accidents Are Different When It Comes To Proving Injuries?
How Do I Obtain No Fault Benefits?
How Do I Pay For My Medical Expenses If I’ve Been Injured In An Accident?
My Car Was Damaged While Parking And My Insurance Company Wont Pay For The Repairs?
Was in an Accident And The Other Car Has A Very Small Policy?
What Do I Do If I Was Involved In An Accident With A Drunk Driver?
What Is The Liability Of Bars Involving A Drunk Driver?
Why Do I Have To Pay My Insurance Company Back For My Accident Related Healthcare?
What Is The Difference Between A Motorcycle Accident And A Motor Vehicle Accident?

Slip & Fall
I Was Injured While Ice Skating Or Participating in Some Other Sporting Event Can I Bring A Lawsuit?
What Happens If I Fall Because Of Snow And Ice?
What Happens If I Get In A Stairway Accident?
What Happens If I Get Into An Accident In A Retail Store?
What Is Prior Written Notice?
What Should I Do If I Have A Trip Or Slip Type Accident?
Who Is My Claim Against If I Am Injured On A Sidewalk, Pathway Or Roadway?

Workplace Accidents
I Was Injured On A Construction Project What Do I Do?

Wronful Death
What Happens If An Injured Person Dies?

Dog Bites
What Happens If I Am Attacked By A Dog?

Product Liability
What Is Product Liability?