Dog Bites

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Dogs are great additions to the home. They are part of the family. They offer unabashed love and affection to all who need it. When we encounter dogs in our everyday life, they are mostly affectionate and loving. Unfortunately, there are dog owners that either don’t know how to train their animals or they trained them to be aggressive. Unruly animals only lead to trouble. Injuries resulting from dog bites can be very serious because these animals have very powerful jaws and their teeth can tear flesh, damage nerves and tendons, and leave lasting injuries that can devastate a person’s life. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a dog attack, you should seek counsel from an experienced New York personal injury attorney. Contact the Law Offices of Jonathan D. Sands for a free consultation today.

After a dog bite

When you are bitten by a dog, you should seek medical attention immediately, and you should report the attack to the local police department. You should try to gather as much information as possible about the dog and the owner, including the type of dog, if there is a history of vicious propensity, if the animal is current on its shots, and the name and address of the owner. If there are any witnesses to the attack or the vicious nature of the dog, collect their contact information as well.

Legal action and vicious propensities

In New York State, in order to take legal action against an owner of a dog that caused you harm, you must prove that the dog has a vicious propensity. This means that the dog must have a history of aggression or violence, and the owner knew about it. It is often quite difficult to prove vicious propensity and extensive investigation is necessary. Interviewing neighbors, exploring previous records of injury claims, and many other avenues of research will help demonstrate the vicious propensity of a dog. Once vicious propensity is proven, you can recover monetary damages to compensate you for your pain and suffering, the cost of medical care, and lost wages.

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For nearly 20 years, the Law Offices of Jonathan D. Sands has aggressively fought to pursue compensation for its injured clients. Dog bites can leave lasting physical and emotional injuries as well as burdening you with mounting medical bills and lost wages. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a dog attack, please contact our office to discuss your case today.