Am I Eligible For No Fault Benefits?

acceladmin   July 26, 2016   Comments Off on Am I Eligible For No Fault Benefits?

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, the insurance of the car that you are in provides no-fault coverage and benefits to you if you are injured. It is a very simple process to apply for these benefits, but there is a big pitfall to it, as well. The application is very simple and straightforward. You request it from your own insurance company, not from the other car’s insurance company. It’s a simple application; you fill it out, and you send it back.

The pitfall is that New York, a number of years ago, shortened the time that you have to file your application for no-fault benefits to 30 days. If you are past the 30 days, in all likelihood, your insurance company will deny those benefits. It is important to make sure that you notify the insurance company of the accident when it happens. If you have been to the emergency room, or if you think you are going to need medical treatment, let the claim person know, and ask them to send you that application. When you send it back, send it in some way that you can document that you actually sent it to them so that you have proof. Occasionally, things get lost in the mail, or insurance companies are very busy and have a lot of files, and it may get misplaced. If you have stamped or some type of proof of mailing, you will be protected that way.

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