NYS Issues Superbowl Party Safety Tips

acceladmin   February 2, 2018   Comments Off on NYS Issues Superbowl Party Safety Tips

Each and every year, people across the country host parties for their friends and families on Superbowl Sunday. Many times, these parties involve a lot of food and even more alcohol. New York State understands that people want to enjoy themselves on Superbowl Sunday but wants to enforce that driving under the influence is not permitted, and plans to do so with a variety of checkpoints to look for anyone that may be driving while intoxicated. As a host who may be serving alcohol to friends or family, it is your duty to make sure no one drives under the influence of alcohol. Anyone who serves another person alcohol can be held responsible if that person gets into a car accident.

Some of the ways that party hosts can make sure everyone returns home safely after the big game are as follows:

  1. At about the end of the third quarter, encourage guests to stop drinking and switch to water
  2. Have a list of contact information for local taxi services
  3. Make sure there is plenty of water and other non-alcoholic drink options available
  4. Serve lots of food
  5. Make sure you are sober at the end of the game just in case it is necessary to act as a designated driver to get others home safely

Have fun this weekend and be safe!

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