NYC Subway Safety Campaign: Keep it Clean

acceladmin   September 8, 2017   Comments Off on NYC Subway Safety Campaign: Keep it Clean

This week, Governor Cuomo announced a campaign to keep the New York City subway system cleaner and ultimately, safer. The announcement states that the leading cause of flooding, fires, and other subway delays is litter on the tracks. The less litter in the subway system, the fewer risk of a dangerous condition as well as fewer delays, which is one of the biggest complaints New Yorkers have about the city’s subway system.

In order to enforce littering laws, the MTA is making it known that if an individual is caught littering in the subway system, you will be issued a fine of $100. Litter creates clogs in track drains which can result in floods. When there are floods, the electrical system can be impacted as well and cause cables to start a fire. When any of these things happen, the MTA is forced to shut down the subway to clear the flood or put out the fire, which causes delays for those riding the trains. You don’t have to know much about New York to know that we all have places to be and we absolutely hate subway delays.

The MTA is introducing a drain cleaner and two new vacuum systems to keep the subway tracks clean. Hopefully, the initiative will keep New Yorkers safe and on time.

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