New York City Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise

acceladmin   September 15, 2017   Comments Off on New York City Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise

The majority of New Yorkers get from place to place on foot. Even if they do decide to take the subway, they will have to walk there. Although there is a decrease in the number of car accidents seen in New York City’s streets, the number of accidents involving pedestrians is steadily rising. Pedestrians are very susceptible to injury when they are involved in an accident with a vehicle. With no protection, they may need extensive surgery, rehabilitation, and may not be able to work for quite some time. This can result in very high medical bills that they were financially unprepared for.

New York City is always looking for ways to make the city’s streets safer for those who rely on them. Mayor de Blasio aims to completely eliminate traffic-related deaths by 2024, although it will be a difficult goal to accomplish. Some streets are particularly dangerous, such as the intersection close to the Manhattan Bridge in the lower part of Manhattan.

Common causes of motorists hitting pedestrians include their failure to yield, speeding, and distracted driving. However, it is not always the fault of the motorist. In many cases, pedestrians are at fault. It seems as though no one can keep their head out of their phones, even long enough to cross the street safely. If someone is looking down at their phone and doesn’t see that it is unsafe to cross, they can get hit by a car that had the right of way.

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