Who can be held liable in a product liability case?

acceladmin   July 28, 2017   Comments Off on Who can be held liable in a product liability case?

When a person becomes injured by a product that they use, there are a lot of different reasons for which the injury may have occurred. It could be the fault of a number of different people along the way from the designers all the way to the people who put the items on the shelves. These cases generally require an in depth investigation into why the product injured the consumer.

First, the person conducting the investigation will look into the design of the product. Was something in the drawing itself not what it should have been? Or, was the design okay and the issue occurred because a manufacturer did not follow the design or the instructions as they should have? There may even be situations where the product was designed and manufactured completely as intended but the person who created the label or the instruction manual neglected to include an important bit of information. There are so many different situations that may arise. It is essential that there is a detailed investigation into why the incident happened and who should be held responsible.

Some products that are commonly found with defects include air bags, seat belts, cars, construction equipment, and more. If you have been injured by a consumer good and you want to bring a product liability lawsuit, consult with an experienced attorney who can help you determine if you have a valid case.

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