What should I know about our first meeting?

acceladmin   June 16, 2016   Comments Off on What should I know about our first meeting?

lawyer-2 (1)When I first meet with a client or a prospective client at an initial meeting, I like to use this as a chance for us to get to know each other. Because of this, there is no time limit on the meeting. I want to make sure that as the potential client you have enough time to ask me any questions you have about my experience, about my background, and about my ability to handle your case. It is my opportunity to learn for the first time what happened to you, how the accident happened, how you were injured, who was involved in your accident, and I also go through with you at that time, while I’m not going to ask you to sign it right then, a retainer agreement. I want you to take the retainer agreement home, read it over, and talk to friends, family, or other attorneys if necessary. It’s a legal document and it sets forth the duties and the obligations that we both have towards each throughout the course of the lawsuit.

A lot of the times, at these initial meetings, many potential clients ask how much money their case is worth, but unfortunately this is not information that can be obtained at this time. It is simply too early to determine that number because we have not yet collected all of the information that is necessary and the injuries may unfortunately get worse after the initial meeting so it takes some time for me to determine what you may receive.

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