Snow and Ice Accidents in New York

acceladmin   February 23, 2018   Comments Off on Snow and Ice Accidents in New York

Everyone throughout New York State understands that with winter comes snow and ice. Those who live and work in New York City rely on city sidewalks to get from place to place. Pedestrians assume that sidewalks will be cleared soon after a snow or ice event occurs because property owners and municipalities are required by law to make sure the sidewalks are safe. Unfortunately, when a property owner or a municipality is negligent in clearing snow and ice, pedestrians can slip and fall. Slip and fall accidents on snow or ice can be devastating to an individual and cause broken bones, spinal cord damage, concussions, and other life-changing injuries.

If an individual has been injured after slipping and falling on ice, it is important that they document where the accident was and how it happened. In addition, if possible, the injured party should try to take photographic evidence of the area that can be used in fulfilling the burden of proof. It may be difficult to prove that snow or ice was unattended to, simply because weather conditions can be there one minute and be gone the next. However, weather reports detailing snow or ice can be helpful in your case.

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