At What Point Do I Receive My Settlement Check?

acceladmin   February 20, 2017   Comments Off on At What Point Do I Receive My Settlement Check?

When will I get my settlement check? This is a question that is the natural and obvious question when a case is finished and a settlement is granted. The insurance company for someone who has agreed to settle a lawsuit is obligated to issue that check payable to my client and my office as the attorney within 21 days of being served with a proper release. The release is the document where the plaintiff gives up or the claimant gives up all rights to the claim and can never go back and make a claim against that particular party. Once they have that and the check is received, it is deposited into my escrow type account where I have to wait until the funds are available at which time I write a check to my client and I write a check to my office for its legal fees and expenses and if there are any medical liens or other liens that have to be satisfied, they will be paid out of the proceeds at that time as well. It is my responsibility to make sure that everything is submitted properly. Many people also want to know how the attorney gets paid in a personal injury case. This payment comes out of the settlement check so you are not paying out of pocket for legal services that are required for your case.

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